Concepts, frameworks, tools & techniques to help your people feel positive and have impact

...distilled into 5-minute animations that are simple and sticky, applicable and transferrable across multiple situations and settings; at work and at home.

customised approach

A range of different approaches to choose from that support your learning environment and agenda. 

  • noodles

    Choose from our library of noodles (digital animations). Or, work with us to create bespoke noodles specific to your organisation.

  • tailored programs

    Easily designed programs tailored to your learning agenda. With user participation data and qualitative feedback.

  • supporting content

    Downloadable activity sheets, workbooks, learning practitioner Talk-it and optional discussion boards.

how noodle works

It's a modular approach

  • STEP 1 - Identify the topic areas relevant to your learning agenda.

  • STEP 2 - Choose the relevant noodles for each topic from our library.

  • STEP 3 - Select the optimum delivery approach for your people, environment & budget.

Bite-sized animations

to watch anytime, anywhere...

What people say

“Now I can think more abstractly about empathy and seeing others' perspectives - I'll be using these kinds of models rather than just relying on gut instinct.”

“I can see now the value in framing when dealing with under-performing staff and using 4mat to convey the big picture and their role in it - leading them to more independence and hopefully better performance.”

“I use Reframe to catch myself in negative thinking and flip it to ease my tendency to worry.”

“I tend to confuse myself with comms to others and this method really helped remove some of that confusion in my own mind.”

“I am going to print out the reframing techniques and display them around my home until they become second nature!”